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Root Canals with Dr. Ximena Aldea

Dr. Aldea is a professional root canal Orlando dentist. When a tooth has a very deep cavity, crack or infection, endodontic therapy, or root canal, is needed. This can help keep the tooth in the mouth and avoid costly procedures such as extractions. To save the tooth, the tooth is numbed and the infected tissue gently removed. A filling is then placed in the root area. After the root canal is completed, the rest of the tooth is restored with either a filling or crown, depending on the strength of the tooth structure. On many occasions, these procedures can be completed in one visit.

Symptoms or Signs – Root Canal Orlando

If you suspect that you need a root canal, take in consideration the following events:

You may feel frequent pain in the tooth or around the area the tooth is located. Look for signs of infection and/or swelling. This is usually the first sign of a problem. Furthermore, connect with us quickly if there is swelling. The pain and swelling in many cases can spread through the jaw and the face. Identify what triggers the pain or if it’s constant. In addition, know what also relives the pain if anything at all. Pay attention if the tooth has lost color or if its turning dark. Drainage infection or soft and sensitive tissue is a good sign of needing a root canal as well.

At Buena Vista Family Dentistry, Dr. Aldea will perform a few simple tests to identify if there is a need for a root canal. Some of these test may include thermal (cold and hot), percussion, electric pulp testing and of course an x-ray evaluation. Dr. Aldea will also provide a dental restoration status, periodontal (gum health) status, checking for tenderness, and an evaluation to see if the tooth has cracked.

If you think you may need root canal therapy, call your Orlando dentist at Buena Vista Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation. Or, if you are in need of any of our other professional dental services, we welcome you to view them in our services page.

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